Classic Gentleman is a lifestyle brand that borrows couture from times of historical/cultural reform and modernizes it according to times of today. This lifestyle is not about the garments on your back, but the way an individual carries out civic acts of duty for their community on a daily basis. By holding ourselves to a higher standard of fashion, our community strives to end the social ills of society by breaking down stereotypes and uniting cultures through a common goal.


The most important part of being a Classic Gentleman is being an active member in their community.  Being active in the fact that they participate, engage, & mold the world to a higher equitable standard.  Classic Gentleman does this by getting out in the community for gatherings, council meetings, community engagement, civil injustices, non-profit events, and more.  Evolving with our local community will not only benefit our organization, but will have a domino effect on the local/international organizations around us.


If we are not shaking up the local culture while creating a space for the diverse cultures that make up the globe, we are not doing our job. Culture is everything because one is a product of their own environment. We embrace the arts & creatives for they are the true visionaries for a better future. Through creation, as global citizens we will be able to dive into untapped potential. It is our goal to mentor & inspire the generations behind us. It is a Classic Gentleman’s duty to make sure he provides a platform for those who are passionate & selfless about life in general.


We are all individuals and every one of us has their own style. The only uniting factor for a Classic Gentleman is the way in which we dress. The common theme for a Classic Gentleman is to be chivalrous & always aware of one’s surroundings. We do this by dressing classy, with strength in numbers. A Classic Gentleman makes sure to respect every individual in any room, while making sure they are well respected wherever they go. Classic Gentleman is a personal lifestyle brand on how your dress & carry yourself on a daily basis.