Paris Fashion Week | Day 5

Classic Gentleman recently had the chance of attending our 1st ever fashion week.  Of course, our gents had to do this in style by supporting the women for Spring/Summer ’18 collections.  The energy for the whole week was incredible. People from around the world gathered to see the likes of the new collections of: Acne, Balenciaga, Balmain, Celine, Chanel, Comme De Garcons, Louis Vuitton, Mugler, Off White, Rick Owens, Valentino & much more.

Our gents networked with some of the industry’s finest and are now able to say that our reach is international.  On Friday September 29th, our team was blessed to meet two high level industry photographers in the pouring rain known as: Romeo Rodeo & Alessandra Trucillo.  The funny part of us running into one another is that our teams shared an Uber Pool together.  Who would have thought that Uber Pool would lead us to one of our most reliable connections for fashion week?  By meeting these two incredible talents, our team together was able to open new doors and reach new heights.  Now, we are all lifetime friends who share a common bond from Roma to Orange County.  It’s crazy how small the world can be with the touch of technology and the ease of travel.

The following day, our teams connected to photograph and witness the Mugler and Acne fashion shows.  Attached below is some of the collection photographed by Romeo.

Mugler SS '18

 Mugler | Paris FW SS ’18

Mugler Paris FW SS '18Class meets Street shot on a BMW motorcycle by Romeo Rodeo

Mugler SS '18 | Eiffel Tower Beauty intertwined with the background of the Eiffel Tower

Next up, our team rushed over to capture the Acne fashion show.  The thing with these fashion shows is they are not in one central area.  They are spread across Paris. It is not as easy to find as one would think.  Even with connections, you need to meet the right people in the industry to actually get into these shows or even know where the locations are accessible.  By breaking down door earlier in the week, our gents were able to meet the right people and even help others from California get out to Paris.  This week was all about love for fashion, culture and most importantly humanity.

Acne Studio | SS '18

Gorgeous earrings shot by: Romeo Rodeo


Natural Hair Movement


All in the details


Acne Studios | PFW SS ’18

This wraps up our recap of Day 5 of Paris FW | SS ’18.  If you have any questions about tips on getting out to Paris for Fashion Week, contact us at:  Classic Gentleman is all about collaborating with individuals and groups with their brands.  Our ladies and gents would love to help catalyze the process of getting into fashion weeks, if possible.  After PFW, our team has learned how to go about getting into all the fashion weeks for the 2018 calendar and more.