Media Advertising

Classic Gentleman provides the highest quality of media production.  Our media team is made up of videographers, photographers, drone and 3-D operators.  We specialize in production for weddings, corporate/non-profit events, red carpet recaps, client productions, and more.  Based off of your needs & budget, we will create a visual spectacle that properly represents you or your brand.

Travel Flight/Limousine Access

Catering to the Classic Gentleman lifestyle, the travel access includes travel experiences from independent and local services within the Orange County area.  ­We encourage members to take advantage of special travel deals offered. Our team travel arranges complete private travel services and provide clients the best available charters at the best value.

Event Production

This is where we thrive! All around production is what the ladies & gents of our team love doing. Classic Gentleman hosts cocktail mixers, fashion shows, and classy parties.  The talent of our productions team has everything from comedians, stylists, fashion designers, executive chefs, food catering professional bartenders, DJs, and more.

Brand Identity

Market and digital media access that wields social media, fast-pitch presentations, table presence at local events, and marketing strategies to meet and surpass business goals. Classic Gentleman turn our clients’ grand visions into practical strategies, technical steps and absolute value. Our team crafts custom solutions for local business that includes increase clientele traffic and business owner networks

Affiliate Program

Classic Gentleman is a lifestyle & identity to attach one’s self to.
The 3 components of this brand are:


This space is for our affiliates who represent the local & international communities across the globe.  Our local community, Fullerton, is a part of our movement in which we try and set a standard to the youth around us.  Classic Gentleman works alongside organizations such as; Operation Underground Railroad, #MoreThanAHashtag, & Pathways to Hope.  We hope to expand this list by working with some of the most powerful non-profits in the world.


This space is a representation of all things Classic Gentleman. Pushing a futuristic thought process, while staying grounded to classic values is our goal. This culture revolves around influence, diversity, and creativity. Our affiliates are some of the most talented & well adept young innovators of Orange County.


This space is for our classic, yet modern sense of fashion. We have worked alongside upcoming fashion icons, Partikular Inc. & Kyla Joy. As a Classic Gent or Timeless woman, we must hold ourselves accountable to a higher standard of couture. At the end of the day it’s not about the garments on your back, it’s solely on the individual wearing them.